Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli

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Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli

  • PRE ALPIN dried green fibres and root vegetables provide highly-digestible crude fibre
  • Rich in natural vital substances
  • Free of grain and molasses, without artificial additives
  • High-quality oil mixture of linseed oil and camelina oil as source of essential fatty acids
  • Sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin enhance digestion
  • Blossoms and leaves round off the mixture
  • Also suitable for horses with a sensitive metabolism
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Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli

Alpengruen Muesli is a grain- and molasses-free muesli for natural and correct feeding of horses.
Alpengruen Muesli has a highly digestible structure due to the Pre Alpin dried green fibre, consisting of warm air dried grasses and herbs and is refined with root vegetables, fruit, leaves and flowers. 

For AlpenGrün Muesli from AGROBS, grasses and herbs from species-rich meadows are mown at the optimal harvest time and then carefully dried with warm air. This preserves the fibre structure.
AlpenGrün Muesli not only ensures an optimal supply of raw fibre, but also promotes chewing activity and supports intestinal health.
Marigold and cornflower blossoms, raspberry and blackberry leaves as well as rose hip provide many natural vital substances.
Sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin serve as a source of essential fatty acids: the mucilage they contain also promotes digestion.

AlpenGrün muesli contains no cereals, bran or molasses.
Due to its low starch and sugar content AlpenGrün Muesli is also suitable for (metabolically) sensitive horses.

Alpengrun Muesli:

  • Contains many varied, horse-friendly ingredients
  • A lot of crude fibre
  • Rich in natural vital substances
  • Low in starch and sugar and free from molasses
  • Contains no artificial additives


  • As the only concentrate feed
  • As a supplement to concentrates
  • The supplier of raw fibre
  • suitable as a supportive feed for horses and ponies with a sensitive metabolism
  • for diets with reduced starch and reduced sugar content

Feeding guideline

  • dependent on type of horse and performance: approximately 100 to 500 g per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • for enhancement of the basic crib feed: 1 kg substitutes approximately 1 kg of grain

AGROBS® recommends slow feeding. When switching feeds, we advise that the feed be moistened or soaked if needed, particularly for fast eaters, senior horses, horses with dental problems and those who don’t drink enough.

As mineral supplement, we suggest an AGROBS mineral feed, adapted to your horse and its needs.


PRE ALPIN® dried green fibres, linseed, sunflower seeds, black cumin, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed oil, camelina oil), apple fibres, carrot, cut rosehip, parsnips, beetroot, marigold blossom, raspberry and blackberry leaves, cornflower blossoms


Analytical components:

Crude protein 10.40 % Starch 1.50 %
Crude fat 5.70 % Sugar 9.70 %
Crude fibre 25.10 % Fructan 5.40 %
Crude ash 5.70 %
Calcium 0.40 % Metabolisable energy 8.30 ME MJ/kg
Phosphorus 0.20 % Prececal dig. crude protein 6.90 %
Sodium 0.04 %

The analysed values are of native origin.
The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No added artificial sugars.

Status 06/2024


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