Agrobs AlpenGrün Seniormüsli

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AlpenGrün Seniormüsli
grain-free concentrates in muesli form for natural feeding, especially for older horses with special needs

  • optimally digestible for horses with dental problems
  • free from cereals, molasses and additives
  • without alfalfa
  • Myoalpin fibres provide essential amino acids and structure
  • more than 60 different meadow grasses and herbs guarantee a high content of vital substances and crude fibre
  • Linseed cake and Brewer’s yeast help with digestion and feed conversion
  • Milk Thistle supports healthy liver function
  • Sunflower seeds provide energy from polyunsaturated fatty acids 
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Agrobs AlpenGrün Seniormüsli

Agrobs expands the popular AlpenGrün range with a new grain and molasses free product: AlpenGrün Seniormuesli.
With this, AGROBS® meets the wish of many for an AlpenGrün muesli especially for seniors.

AlpenGrün Seniormuesli was developed to meet the natural needs of older horses.
This new muesli is suitable for horses with teeth problems, contains nutrients and vital substances which are adapted to the ageing metabolism and takes age-related problems into account.
Like all products in the AlpenGrün line, it contains no alfalfa and consists of purely natural ingredients.

The basis is formed by PRE Alpin dry green fibre, which provides high-quality crude fibre.
The Myoalpin fibre with easily digestible proteins and essential amino acids promotes muscle maintenance.
The short fibre length ensures optimal utilisation of both fibre sources, even with dental problems.

In addition to valuable pasture grasses and herbs, the muesli also contains other natural raw materials:

  • Linseed cake and AGROBS Beerhefe Pur support healthy digestion and feed conversion
  • Milk thistle strengthens the liver as a central metabolic and detoxification organ
  • Sunflower seeds provide additional energy from polyunsaturated fatty acids.


  • optimally digestible by horses with teeth problems
  • supplement to roughage
  • for muscle loss and loss of substance
  • healthy digestion
  • for feed limited to starch and sugar

AlpenGrün Seniormüsli is a grain-free concentrated feed in muesli form especially for older horses with special needs.
Purely natural. No additives. Without grains. Without molasses.


Feeding guideline

as the sole concentrate: approx. 100 to 500 g per 100 kg body weight per day
or as a supplement to conventional concentrates.

AGROBS recommends: feeding slowly.
If necessary, when changing feeds, with rushed eaters and old horses, with dental problems and with low water intake, we generally recommend moistening or soaking the feed.

For the mineral supply, we recommend an AGROBS® mineral feed that suits your horse and its needs.



Compound feed for horses


Myoalpin® fibre*, pasture grasses and herbs, linseed cake, sunflower seeds, brewer’s yeast, apple pomace, milk thistle press cake, oil mixture cold-pressed (linseed and camelina oil), carrot, rose hips cut, parsnip, beetroot, marigold blossoms, raspberry petals, blackberry petals, cornflower blossoms, rose petals.

* = green fodder from grass, herbs and legumes.




Crude protein13,70%zink36,00 mg/kg
Crude oil and fat9,50%Manganese36,00 mg/kg
Crude fibre24,50%Copper9,10 mg/kg
Crude ash8,20%Selenium0,07 mg/kg
Vert. energie10,80 DE MJ / kg
Starch1,90%implementable energy9.30 ME MJ / kg
Sugar7,50%praec. vert. crude protein8,47%


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