Agrobs Amino Pur

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Agrobs Amino Pur Rich in essential Amino Acids

* Free of grain and molasses
* Ideal for use with low protein rations

* To support muscle building during exercise
* For specific muscle maintenance
* highest bioavailability due to the high content of crystalline amino acids

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Agrobs Amino Pur Rich in essential Amino Acids

Skin, hoof and coat problems, lack of muscle despite regular training can occur, even with a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals.
The cause is often an insufficient supply of essential amino acids.

The selected composition based on warm air dried grasses and herbs as well as spirulina algae and linseed make Amino Pur particularly valuable also for metabolically sensitive horses.

A lack of essential amino acids can be compensated for without burdening the metabolism with excessive protein.
Agrobs Amino Pur is rich in highly available amino acids, in particular threonine, methionine and lysine.

For a low-protein ration

  • sober horses/ponies (robust breeds/northern horse species)
  • to support a healthy digestion
  • good for the liver and kidneys
  • grain-free

For special needs

  • during muscle building training
  • Young horses in growth
  • carrying or lactating mares
  • old horses
  • horses with a thick coat

Agrobs Amino Pur is:

  • grain and molasses free
  • free of doping
  • purely herbal, free of GMO
  • tasty
  • without additives of sugar, flavors or preservatives

Feeding guideline

  • as cure over 4 to 8 weeks and for permanent feeding also. When fed directly before or after training, the best effectiveness is reached.
15 – 20 g per 100 kg body weight per day
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20 g)


Prenatura dried green fibres, algae (spirulina), linseed


Analytische componenten:

 Crude protein 30,20%  Sodium 0,22%
 Praec. dig. crude protein 24,60%  Calcium 0,69%
 Crude oil and fat 2,60%  Phosphorus 0,27%
 Crude fibre 16,70%
 Crude ash 8,50%  Lysine 3,92%
 Energy (DE)   11,60 MJ / kg    Threonine  15,42% 
 Energy (ME) 8,90 MJ / kg  SAS (methionine + cysteïne) 6,14%

Status: 03/2020 


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