Agrobs Gipfelstürmer Mineral

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Agrobs Gipfelstürmer Mineral
The concentrate of vital substances for the highest demands in daily rations

Gipfelstürmer Mineral provides your horse with all the micronutrients it needs to develop.
The composition of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids supports the organism in fulfilling its needs.
When exercising, for muscle building and also to promote a healthy metabolism.

Trace elements

The trace elements zinc, copper, manganese, iodine and selenium are indispensable in the daily diet of the horse.
100 % organically bound, Gipfelstürmer Mineral provides all important trace elements so that no deficiency can occur in any situation.
This always ensures that all metabolic processes run smoothly.


Instead of vitamin A, the horse’s natural plant food contains only ß-carotene.
The body converts this provitamin into vitamin A as required.
There are also indications that ß-carotene itself has important functions in the horse’s organism, e.g. in fertility.
Apart from vitamin A, our Gipfelstürmer Mineral therefore also contains valuable ß-carotene, which contributes to the supply of this provitamin especially during winter feeding.


Gipfelstürmer Mineral with its special combination of vitamins supports horses especially in situations of increased need:

  • Rich vitamin E protects the muscle cells even during peak loads and increased demands
  • Extra vitamin C supplies the horse, especially in situations where demand exceeds the horse’s own synthesis capacity.
  • The horse’s intestinal flora cannot always sufficiently compensate for the consumption of vitamins B1, B2, B12 and biotin, so Gipfelstürmer Mineral is an adequate supplement.

Amino acids

The body always needs amino acids to renew and build tissue.
When the basic feed does not provide all the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities, the horse’s body breaks down muscle in order to produce other important proteins.

The balanced spectrum in Gipfelstürmer Mineral includes the amino acids that are of major importance for the formation and maintenance of muscle: Methionine, Lysine and Threonine.
This also prevents unwanted muscle breakdown and prevents muscle building from being limited by an insufficient supply of amino acids.


Without L-carnitin, energy-rich fatty acids cannot reach the small cell power stations, the mitochondria.
If you are working with your horse increasingly to develop strength, endurance or targeted weight loss, the need for L-carnitin increases significantly.

The green fibre based formula, without grain, molasses or alfalfa, Gipfelstürmer Mineral is well tolerated by all horses.
Natural herbs ensure good acceptance despite the absence of unnecessary flavourings.

The gentle processing without pressing of the ingredients ensures that all nutrients are retained in the best possible way and are available to the horse without restriction.

Gipfelstürmer Mineral offers the best conditions for a healthy, performance-oriented and satisfied horse, even at the highest demands.

  • 100% organically bound trace elements 
  • Particularly rich in vitamin E, B1, B2, B12, biotin and vitamin C
  • Balanced spectrum of essential amino acids
  • L-carnitine 
  • ß-carotene 



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