Agrobs Krautermix 1kg Herb seed

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Agrobs Kräutermix herb seeds for the pasture

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Agrobs kräutermix herb seeds for the pasture

Agrobs Kräutermix contains a selected mix of perennial herbs for the horse pasture.
The natural content of minerals, the aroma and the healing power of the herbs can promote the health of animals in a natural way and make the food tastier. 

Agrobs Kräutermix is particularly suitable for 2 areas of application:

  • to mix the herbal mix with grass seed to sow in the pasture
  • to beautify the existing grassland.


Adapted moderate fertilisation

Seeding levels:
1 to 2 kg / ha

Seeding period:
early spring or fall (october), mow at initial growth height of 15 to 20 cm

Sowing depth:
approximately 1 cm

perennial (up to 6 years)


garden burnet, caraway, ribgrass, wild carrot, chicory, fennel


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