Agrobs LeichtGenuss 12,5kg

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Agrobs LeichtGenuss NEW FORMULATION
the natural and fibre-rich activity food

  • > 60 different pasture grasses and herbs guarantee high crude fiber content
  • without alfalfa
  • particularly tasty thanks to root crops such as carrot, beet and parsnip
  • green oats and straw provide low-protein fiber
  • low starch and sugar content
  • ginkgo, nettle and rose hip provide valuable vital substances
  • ideal feed during box rest and as occupational feed thanks to low energy content
  • for increasing feed intake and stimulating saliva production

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Agrobs LeichtGenuss the fibre-rich occupational food!

Many horses are overfed with grain and energy-rich feed. The number of obese horses and related problems such as metabolic diseases has increased dramatically. The LeichtGenuss developed by Agrobs responds to this problem.

Features Agrobs Light Genuss:

  • Fiber-rich and natural feed
  • very low starch and sugar content:suitable for all horses!
  • is rich in fiber and prolongs feed intake
  • The need to chew is satisfied, the natural tooth wear is positively supported.
  • The chop also ensures a better saliva effect, which has a positive effect on digestion.
  • mix of sunflowers, rose petals, cornflower and hibiscus provides the necessary variety in the feed and supplies natural nutrients.
  • The tasty fiber mix makes Leichtgenuss particularly popular structure-rich mix of low-energy grasses, herbs, green oats and straw 

AGROBS LightGenuss is particularly suitable:

  • as occupational food
  • as a special treat for all horses
  • for horses with a low energy
  • requirement in overweight and sober horses
  • for upgrading the basic feed / roughage


Green oats, Straw, Meadow grasses and herbs, Nettle, Ginkgo, Carrot cubes, Rosehip peel, Parsnip, cubes, Beetroot, Raspberry leaves, Blackberry leaves, Cornflower blossoms

Feeding guideline

As a activity feed: 50–300 g per 100 kg target weight daily
As an upgrade to roughage: 1 kg LeichtGenuss replaces approx. 1 kg hay

Feed slowly
For an adequate supply of minerals we recommend an AGROBS® mineral feed that meets your horse’s needs.


Analytical components:

Crude protein 8,20 % Fructan 4,60 %
Crude oils and fats 2,00 % Zinc 18,20 mg/kg
Crude fibre 28,20 % Manganese 57,70 mg/kg
Crude ash 6,10 % Copper 3,40 mg/kg
Calcium 0,49 % Selenium 0,05 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0,20 % Lysine 2,97 %
Magnesium 0,13 % Methionine 0,99 %
Chloride 0,20 % Cystine 0,41 %
Sodium 0,03 % Threonine 0,24 %
Potassium 1,40 % Digestible energy 7,70 DE MJ / kg
Sulphur 0,12 % Metabolisable energy 6,50 ME MJ / kg
Starch 2,70 % Prececal dig. crude Protein 5,20 %
Sugar 7,90 %

The analysed ingredients are of native origin. The analysed sugar value is also of wholly native origin. No artificial sugars were added.


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