Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior 12,5kg

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Pre Alpin Senior 

* More than 60 different grasses and herbs guarantee a high level of vitality and crude fiber
* Not pressed
* Molasses-free, low-starch and low- fruktane
* Warm air dried, dust and mold free
* Supply essential fatty acids by using linseed oil and camelina oil
* High crude fiber content promotes saliva production and chewing needs
* Senior suitable fiber length, mixed with water immediately ready for use

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Agrobs Pre Alpin Senior short structure fibers from grass and herbs

PRE ALPIN® Senior is dried roughage, consisting of about 60 different herbs and grasses, specially developed for old horses or horses that cannot chew hay. It is a basic roughage and can be given as a hay replacement.

PRE ALPIN® Senior fully meets the horse’s fiber needs,. and is extra finely chopped for the Senior horse that has difficulty chewing.

It is dust-free and allergy-free
It promotes saliva production and has a positive effect on the intestinal flora in the colon. The secretion of digestive enzymes reduces the risk of digestive problems. 

This will improve the digestion of the entire feed ration.
The addition of cold-pressed linseed oil to these structural fibers has serveral advantages:

  • Supply of energy trough fats (without protein and starch). The fats contain more than twice as much energy per weight unit as carbohydrates.
  • Linseed oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, such as antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals in the body.

Feeding guidelines


* as Roughage: 1.2 to 1.5kg per 100kg body weight daily

* to improve Roughage: 1kg Pre Alpin Senior replaces 1kg of hay.
Switch slowly or moisten with water if necessary

* as concentrate replacement: 1.2kg Pre Alpin Senior replaces approx. 1kg of grains


Complementry feed

grass and herbs, linseed oil (cold pressed)


 Crude protein 8,60%  Zink 25,00 mg / kg
 praec.crude protein 4,00%  Mangaan 104,00 mg / kg
 Crude oils and fat 2,70%  Koper 4,80 mg / kg
 Crude fiber 28,50%  Selenium <0,04 mg / kg
 Crude ash 9,20%
 Calcium 0,60%  Starch 2,20%
 Phosphorus 0,22%  Sugar 9,35%
 Magnesium 0,23%  Fructan 5,16%
 Chloride 0,35%
 Sodium 0,04%  Verd.Energy volgens GfE 2003 7,60 DE MJ / kg
 Potassium 1,45%  uitvoerbaar Energie volgens GfE 2014 6.30 ME MJ / kg
 Sulfur 0,13%
 Lysine 0,37%
 Methionine 0,15%
 Cystine 0,06%
 Threonine 0,34%



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