Agrobs Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes 20kg

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Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes 

* more than 60 different herbs and grasses guarantee a high content of vital substances and crude fiber
* molasses free, dust and mold free
* low starch, low fruktan
* high crude fiber content promotes saliva production and facilitates digestion
* the optimal crude fiber ration
* quick, easy, also with cold water after 5 min. ready to feed

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Pre Alpin® Wiesenflakes roughage in flake form

Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes from Agrobs is a high quality, easy to feed roughage.

It consists of 60 types of meadow herbs and grasses from the Bavarian Alps.
The ideal hay substitute, it is rich in natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals and is molasses-free.
The flake-like form provides easy feeding, either as a supplement to roughage or to mix with existing concentrates.

Especially nowadays, when grazing is no longer a matter of course, it is important for horses and ponies to be able to carry out their chewing needs.
Increased saliva production also leads to better digestion of food.
It is therefore advisable to give horses and ponies which, for whatever reason, do not get access to pasture, sufficient roughage.
This prevents boredom, feed envy, manger biting etc., benefits their teeth and ensures good digestion.

Feeding guidelines

* as Roughage substitute: 1.2 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg of body weight daily
* to improve roughage: 1 kg of Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes replaces 1 kg of hay
* as a concentrate substitute: 1.2 kg Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes replaces approx. 1 kg of grains

Switch slowly

RWDH advises to generally feed the flakes soaked


Meadow herbs and grasses



 Crude protein 8,50%  Copper 4,80 mg / kg
 praec.. crude protein 3,65%  Selenium <0,04 mg / kg
 Crude oil and fat 2,60%  Starch 2,12%
 Crude fibre 27,50%  Sugar 9,80%
 Crude ash 9,20%  Fructan 6,12%
 Calcium 0,62%  Lysine 0,37%
 Phosphor 0,23%  Methionine 0,13%
 Magnesium 0,23%  Cystine 0,001%
 Chloride 0,34%  Threonine 0,31%
 Sodium 0,04%
 Potassium 1,35%  Energy  GfE 2003 7,70 DE MJ / kg
 Sulfur 0,14%  Energy  GfE 2014 6.50 ME MJ / kg
 Zinc 26,00 mg / kg
 Mangan 121,00 mg / kg


Vanaf 03/2020


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