Agrobs Selen Pur 700gr

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Agrobs Selen Pur
Selenium and Vitamin E in convenient pellet form

* free of grain and molasses
* for direct compensation of a selenium deficiency
* combines organically bound Selenium and fast acting sodium selenite
* with vitamin E for ideal absorption
* improves muscle metabolism

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Agrobs Selen Pur 

Trace elements to promote strong muscles and a healthy immune system.
An inadequate supply of selenium and vitamin E can lead to muscular problems, decreased performance and susceptibility to infection.
Young horses especially are at risk of skeletal and cardiovascular changes from a selenium deficiency.

AGROBS Selen pur delivers a healthy, high-quality combination of organically bound selenium and quick-acting sodium selenite to sensibly and efficiently compensate for an inadequate supply of selenium.
Selen pur’s special blend of air-dried meadow grasses and herbs with linseed gives it a great taste that even fussy horses love. Its pellet form allows for easy and precise measurement.

  • selen pur is cereal and molasses-free
  • blend of organically bound selenium and quick-acting sodium selenite
  • with antioxidant vitamin E
  • compensates for selenium deficiency
  • improves muscle metabolism
  • for a healthy immune system

Areas of Use

  • specifically for balancing a selenium deficiency
  • for improving the muscle metabolism
  • for the immune systems

Feeding guidelines

* 5 g per 100 kg of body weight / day

Large horses: 30 g per day (600 kg body weight)
Small horses: 20 g per day (400 kg body weight)
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20 g)

This supplementary feed has a higher selenium content than complete feeds and should only be administered as recommended.
Please consult your vet to prevent oversupply.
Not intended for long-term use.


Prenatura® dried green fibres*, linseed

* = *= made of grass, herbs and legumes



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