Agrobs SeniorMineral

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Agrobs SeniorMineral all-round care for the senior horse

* free of grain and molasses
* contains all vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements
* balanced calcium/phosphorus levels
* low in sugar and starch
* rich in amino acids

* based on trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibre

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Agrobs SeniorMineral all-round care for the senior horse

Agrobs Senior Mineral meets the needs of senior horses to promote good physical condition, health and also well-being in old age.
The SeniorMineral formula, based on Agrobs proven dry green fibre, without addition of molasses and grain, meets all requirements of an appropriate and also a high quality feed.
In addition, SeniorMineral provides readily available nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C for optimal care of the muscular and immune system.
Linseed, beer yeast and selected oils (sunflower oil and linseed oil) promote digestion and a beautiful coat.

In general, the organism is naturally provided with vitamins and essential fatty acids.
The recipe is rounded off with fruit, vegetables and rose hips. Thus SeniorMineral makes a valuable and healthy contribution to the well-being of the horse.

Thanks to the low starch and sugar content and the omission of cereals, SeniorMineral is also suitable for sensitive animals, who are, for example, sensitive to metabolic problems or prone to allergies.

  • Grain-free
  • On the basis of Pre Alpin dry green fibre
  • Contains also all essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • Molasses free
  • Low in starch and sugar     


  • for the daily basic supply of all important vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids
  • old and older horses
  • for horses with increased needs, e.g. growth phases, increased stress, in training or with increased performance requirements
  • horses with a sensitive metabolism


Available in 3kg en 10kg bucket en 25kg bag

Feeding guideline

10 to 15 g per 100 kg body weight per day
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 15 g)


PRE ALPIN® dried green fibers, alfalfa fibrelinseed cake, yeast and yeast extracts, oil mixture (linseed, sunflower, black cumin), carrot, beetroot, rosehip, algal flourapple syrup



 Crude protein 10.00%  Sodium 0,30%
 Crude oil and fat 4,50%  Lysine 2,80%
 Crude fibre 8,00%  Methionine  2,50%
 Crude ash 45,00%  Cystine 0,10%
 Hydrochloric acid. insoluble ash  2,20%  Threonine 0,30%
 Calcium 13,50%  Starch 0,90%
 Phosphorus 6,00%  Sugar 2,10%
 Magnesium 1,50%

Additives per kg:

Vitamin A 100 000 I.E. Choline chloride 500 mg
Vitamin D3 (3a671) 10 000 I.E. Folic acid 200 mg
Vitamin C 20 000 mg Biotin 15 000 mcg
Vitamin E 15 000 mg Iron ** (Fe(II ) sulphate monohydrate E1) 500 mg
Vitamin B1 900 mg Copper *+** (CU (II ) sulphate pentahydrate E4 u. Amino acids-Cu-chelate, hydrate) 1 000 mg
Vitamin B2 600 mg Manganese *+** (Mn(II ) sulphate monohydrate E5 u. Amino acids-Mn-chelate, hydrate) 1 500 mg
Vitamin B6 600 mg Zinc *+** (Zn-sulphate monohydrate E6 u.
Amino acids-Zn-chelate, hydrate)
6 000 mg
Vitamin B12 3 000 mcg Selenium * (inactivated selenium yeast) 15 mg
Iodine ** (Ca-Jodat E2) 10 mg
Cobalt ** (coated CO (II ) carbonate granulate (3b304)) 50 mg


Status: 03/2020



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