Agrobs Stroh

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Agrobs Stro High-quality feeding straw

* for all animals
* for upgrading the basic feed
* dust free for animals with allergien
* best qualithy of the Beierse Alpen

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Agrobs Stroh 

Straw is a welcome addition to feed. It does not serve as a nutrient supplier, but as a raw fibre supplier. The high crude fibre content promotes chewing (and combats boredom) and gives a feeling of satiety. The straw must be perfect in terms of hygiene; it must not smell musty and must not contain any impurities. In order to obtain the best quality straw, Agrobs Straw is dried with hot air and de-dusted after harvesting.

The use of AGROBS Straw is advised:

  • to upgrade the roughage share
  • for straw-free ground cover as a supplement to hay/grass
  • for overweight animals as partial replacement of hay or grazing
  • to avoid an excessive hay or grass belly, as straw binds less water in the intestine than grass or hay
  • in case of a very high protein content in the ration: straw is low in protein and can compensate for such a ration
  • to improve a tight calcium – phosphorus ratio in a cereal rich ration
  • with a lower straw quality – especially in the case of allergies

Available in 10 kg bags (due to volume, the straw is counted as a 15 kg weight when calculating the shipping costs).

Feeding guideline

  • up to max. 500 g straw per 100 kg ideal body weight per day
  • solely feeding straw is not recommended without supplementation of hay/ pasture grass


Barley and wheat straw, chaffed and warm air dried


Analytic Components:

 Crude protein 3,30%  Zinc 15,00 mg / kg 
 praec.dig. Crude protein  0.18%   Manganese 62,00 mg / kg 
 Crude oil and fat 0,30%   Copper 3,00 mg / kg 
 Crude fibre 43,00%   Selenium <0.04 mg / kg 
 Crude ash 3,40% 
 Calcium 0,42% 
 Phosphorus 0,11%   Starch 0,90% 
 Magnesium 0,09%   Sugar 4,70% 
 Chloride 0,14%   Fructan 1,70% 
 Sodium 0,01% 
 Potassium 0,57%   Energy vlgs GfE 2003 5,52 DE MJ / kg
 Sulphur 0,09%   Energy vlgs GfE 2014  4,40 ME MJ / kg 
 Lysine 0,09% 
 Methionine 0,06% 
 Cystine 0,04% 
 Threonine 0,13% 

Status 01/2020


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