Agrobs Testudo Fibre 8kg

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Agrobs Testudo Fibre

  • more than 60 different grasses and herbs
  • ideal calcium – phosphorus ratio
  • warm air-dried
  • diet adapted to the natural habitat of the tortoise
  • grain-free and without animal substances
  • free of flavourings and preservatives
  • it can be offered unrestricted, dry or soaked

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Agrobs Testudo Fibre 

The diet of wild turtles depends on natural vegetation conditions.
In their native habitat, the actual growing season is limited to a short time, this is replaced by drought and heat from midsummer to autumn.
In spring, the crude fibre content in the plants is low and the protein content is high.
Herbs and grasses “age” during summer.
Thus, the crude fibre content rises in mid-summer, while the protein content then drops sharply.

Thanks to the well-developed cecum, they can get enough nutrients from grasses and herbs.
Agricultural pastures contain too many nutrients for tortoises. This can lead to a variety of diseases.
The food for tortoises in their natural habitat is similar to the rough pastures in the foothills of the Alps.
With natural, herb-rich food and proper care, turtles reach an old age.

Testudo Fiber is therefore a valuable staple of the daily feed ration. The combination of fresh pasture plants, with more than 60 different types of grass and herbs, stands for a rich and balanced food supply for the animal.

Testudo Fibre for all tortoises…

  • offer a diet adapted to the natural habitat of tortoises
  • provide an optimal supply of crude fibre, thus maintaining healthy intestinal flora
  • offer an ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • can be offered at any time

Feeding guideline

Can be offered freely
Can be fed dry or moistened
Great for changing feed as it can be easily sprinkled over the food
Change the feed daily


Pasture grasses and herbs unpressed


Crude protein 8.20%
Crude fat 2.70%
Crude fibre 27.90%
Crude ash 8.20%
Water 9.20%
calcium 0.62%.
Phosphorus 0.21%.
Sodium 0.03%

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