Agrobs Testudo Original 12,5kg

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Agrobs Testudo Original

  • Optimal supply of crude fibre
  • Maintains healthy intestinal flora
  • ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • ideal for the transition period up to the onset of hibernation
  • Grain-free and without animal substances
  • free of flavourings and preservatives

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Agrobs Testudo Original

The diet of wild turtles always depends on the natural conditions of the vegetation.
In their native habitat, the actual growing season is usually limited to a short time, replaced by drought and heat from midsummer to autumn.
In spring, the crude fibre content in the plants is relatively low and the protein content is high. Herbs and grasses “age” during summer. Thus, the crude fibre content increases in mid-summer, while the protein content then drops sharply.

To meet the organism’s needs, the composition of the diet must be adapted to the seasonal cycle.

Testudo Original for all tortoises…

  • a diet adapted to the natural habitat of tortoises
  • an optimal supply of crude fibre, thus ensuring the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora
  • can be offered at any time

Feeding guideline

  • Depending on the size of the animal, soak an appropriate amount of Testudo Original Cobs in water for 10 – 20 minutes
  • Refresh feed daily!

To get the animals accustomed to the food (if they do not like it right away), the water-soaked kibbles should be mixed with a favourite freshly harvested weed such as dandelion, plantain, deadnettle or deadnettle leaves .

Furthermore, freshly picked wild herbs can also be offered to provide all vitamins and vital substances. Testudo Original helps animals produce firm and healthy stools.

Never feed salads, fruits and vegetables, these are totally unsuitable for tortoises.


Crude protein 7.90%
Crude oil and fat 2.70%
Crude fibre 30.4%
Crude ash 8.50%
Water 7.40%
Calcium 0.60%
Phosphorus 0.24%
Sodium 0.06%

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