Agrobs Wiesenheu

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Agrobs Wiesenheu
high quality meadow hay for your rodent and Rabbit

* The meadow hay for rodents and rabbits
* Made from sun-dried and air-dried grasses and herbs
* From the foothills of the Bavarian Alps

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Agrobs Wiesenheu  Meadow hay for rodents

For a healthy diet of rabbits, guinea pigs and other herbivorous pets, sufficient and high quality roughage is vital.
Agrobs Wiesenheu contains sun- and warm-air dried grasses and herbs from sustainable farming.

Due to its growth on mineral soil, this pasture hay has a variety of indigenous nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
The careful processing of the raw materials guarantees the highest quality.
Due to these optimal conditions Agrobs Wiesenheu makes a healthy contribution to the daily ration! 

Available in 4kg and 10kg bags (due to volume, the 4kg is counted as 12kg and the 10kg as 15kg weight when calculating shipping costs)

Feeding guideline

for daily feeding in unlimited amounts

Always provide fresh drinking water


Grasses and herbs


Analytische componenten:

 Crude protein 11,40%  Zinc 39,00 mg / kg 
 Manganese 211,00 mg / kg 
 Crude oil and fat 1,80%   Copper 8,80 mg / kg 
 Crude fibre 23,20%   Selenium 0,12 mg / kg 
 Crude ash 8,60%   Vitamine   E. 43,00 mg / kg 
 Calcium 0,38%   β-caroteen 136,00 mg / kg 
 Phosphorus 0,31%   Starch 0,40% 
 Water 12,40%   Sugar 6,10% 



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