Agrobs Forage The best food of the Bavarian Alps for your horse, camel, tortoise, rabbit and rodent

  • High quality roughage
  • healthy
  • natural
  • GMO free
  • characteristic
    The strong commitment to nature of the company’s founder Jakob Berger is carried through by the Berger family and all Agrobs employees.
    The correct treatment of nature and animal welfare have been our top priority for decades.

Agrobs philosophy
Close to nature
High quality, healthy and natural food in harmony with our ecosystem for optimal metabolism and digestion.

Bavarian & regional
Meadow grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps with short production routes.

Basic feed rich in crude fibre, supplemented with valuable and vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins

With respect for tradition
Traditional agriculture and biodiversity instead of high yields and mass production

Age-old wisdom, knowledge passed on from generation to generation, combined with the scientific findings of our agronomists and the know-how of veterinarians and farmers

We, Simon and Florian Berger, our family and the team stand for the AGROBS® products and their quality with our values

AGROBS For a healthy horse life