Alpaca and Llama

Alpaca en Llama

Alpacas and llamas are camelids and are native to South America. Alpacas and llamas are adapted to the harsh climate of the Andes and therefore also to the very fiber-rich and nutrient-poor diet. A diet based on the needs of the alpaca or llama is very important for their health and good reproduction and wool production.

Roughage in the form of hay or hay replacement products must form the main component of the ration and must be offered in sufficient quantities. The high fiber content and structure promote saliva production.

Besides hay, feed straw can also be offered such as Agrobs Stroh. A fiber-rich, low-starch and low-sugar feed is suitable as a supplementary animal feed As an occupational therapy, you can offer llamas and alpacas branches from non-poisonous trees to nibble on. 

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