AlpenGrün Seniormüsli 15kg

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AlpenGrün Seniormüsli

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Agrobs AlpenGrün Seniormüsli
grain-free muesli especially for older horses with special needs


Feeding guideline

* To complement the hay
* Feed as required

The use of synthetic vitamin C has been avoided in this feed, it is therefore recommended to add fresh feed daily as a natural source of vitamin C.


Carrot cubes, Rose hips (chopped), Parsnip cubes, Beet cubes, Marigold blossoms, Raspberry petals, Bramble petals, Cornflower blossoms


Crude protein 7,40% water 8,60%
Crude oils and fat 2,10% Calcium 0,36%
Crude fibre 15,20% Phosphorus 0,21%
Crude asch 4,50%

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