Balancer Concentrate

Horse Feed Balancers

A balancer, as the name suggests, is designed to nutritionally balance your horse’s or pony’s ration; containing all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your horse or pony cannot get from its roughage.

How many horses and ponies are currently fed an ‘unbalanced ration’?
Thousands of horses and ponies survive by grazing alone; their coats will not be at their best and their hooves are not in the best condition, but they are generally happy and healthy.
How many horse owners feed mainly roughage with just a handful of muesli or paPaard in the meadow pellets ‘just for the vitamins and minerals’?
How many of us feed all kinds of supplements except one with vitamins and minerals?
Horses and ponies usually “tolerate” deficiencies in their rations and many of these often go unnoticed.
But in the long run, a horse or pony can experience various health problems!

You can find more information under tailor-made feeding advice: when, why and how to feed a balancer.

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