Bergsiegel krauter fur die Leber 500gr

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Bergsiegel  Herbs for the liver
Supports liver function

* all-natural
* supports the liver
* special formula

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Bergsiegel krauter fur die Leber Herbs for liver function

The combination of this herbal mixture can support the liver and promote the formation of bile through the bitter substances it contains.
It can promote an active and healthy liver metabolism.

Is your horse suffering from acute or chronic complaints? If so, please consult your vet immediately.

Feeding guidelines

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of the herb mixture with approx. 200ml of hot water,let it soak and then divide it over the food . Alternatively, the herb mixture can be added dry to the food.

As  temporary supplement for max. 3 weeks: once a day
As permanent supplement: 1-2 x per week


Milkthistle seeds, artichoke leaves, dandelion root, hibiscus flowers

Analytic Components

Crude protein 14,00 % Sodium 0,02 %
Crude fibre 19,20 % Calcium 0,78 %
Crude oils and fats  15,30 % Phosphorus 0,46 %
Crude ash 5,80 % Moisture content  7,61 %

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