Bergsiegel Krauter fur den Magen 500gr

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Bergsiegel Krauter fur den Magen Herbs for the stomach

* supports natural intestinal flora
* all-natural
* special formula


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Bergsiegel Krauter fur den Magen Herbs for the stomach

The combination of this Bergsiegel herbal blend can help speed up digestion and calm down a sensitive stomach.
Certain ingredients can positively support the digestive tract in cases of flatulence.

Is your horse suffering from an acute or chronic condition, Consult your vet or therapist quickly.

Feeding guidelines

  • pour around 200 ml of boiling water over 1–2 tablespoons of herbs, let soak briefly and add to feed.
  • this herbal mixture can also be added to feed dry.
  • for use over no longer than 3 weeks: once daily
  • for long-term use: 1–2 times per week.


Lemon balm leaves, apple, mallow leaves, Iceland moss, blueberries, elderflowers, hibiscus blossoms

Analytic Components

Crude protein 12,70 % Sodium 0,02 %
Crude fibre 8,90 % Calcium 1,01 %
Crude oils and fats 2,20 % Phosphorus 0,28 %
Crude ash 7,30 % Moisture content 7,10 %


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