Bergsiegel Mönchspfefferfrüchte 1kg

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Bergsiegel Mönchspfefferfrüchte Chasteberries
Herbal support for the hormonal balance of your horse

* contributes to relaxation of mares in heat
* reduces weight gain
* Herbal support of the normal hormonal function

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Bergsiegel Mönchspfefferfrüchte Chaste Tree berry
Supports hormonal balance

Stallion owners in particular are familiar with chasteberry’s hormone-regulating effects.
Mares and geldings with stallion behaviour also benefit from this herb.

Chasteberry can also have a positive effect on fertility as it helps regulate the female reproductive cycle.
In addition, it promotes relaxation and relieves symptoms of mares in season.

Chasteberry aids pituitary gland function and thus helps to regulate hormonal metabolic processes.
Chasteberry also helps lower blood sugar levels.

An increase in vitality can be observed in the moulting period.

Note: Do not feed to pregnant mares.

Feeding guideline

  • 5 g per 100 kg body weight added to feed daily
  • over a 6-week period.

Note: Do not feed to pregnant mares. 


100% Chasteberries


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