Cat’s Best Sensitive 20ltr

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Cat’s Best Sensitive
100% natural cat litter, solid clumping and antibacterial

  • 100% natural wood fibres
  • excellent odour retention thanks to natural odour blocker
  • 100% biodegradable
  • the cat litter is extra fine and wonderfully soft for your pet’s paws

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Cat’s Best Sensitive
100% natural cat litter, highly clogging and antibacterial

With an active substance from nature added through the green pellets, this cat litter provides natural anti-bacterial hygiene in the litter box and this without the addition of chemicals.
Cat’s Best Sensitive is particularly gentle for sensitive paws thanks to its fine structure.
This structure also creates solid and compact lumps that are easy to remove and also ensure economic consumption.
Cat’s Best Sensitive uses the power of refined active wood fibres that effectively absorb liquids and odours and encapsulate them deep inside, up to 7 times their own weight.

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