Cereal Low Horse Feed

Cereal low or cereal free horse feed

The horse was made to eat roughage all day; roughage is the basis for every horse!
As roughage alone cannot provide sufficient energy, the horse has traditionally been fed on top of grain.
Cereals contain a relatively large amount of starch, so even a little starch can cause problems for one horse, while another may look fit and healthy even on a starch-rich ration.

Horses and ponies which are susceptible to laminitis, muscle disorders or insulin resistance may benefit from a feed low in sugar and starch.
WielensAnimalFeeds has a wide range of low-sugar, low-starch and grain-free horse feeds in its product range.
You can simply select low-cereal or cereal-free horse feeds because you know your horse best!

If your horse is better off without grains, you can refine your choice by opting for a grain-free horse pellet, muesli, roughage, concentrate, reward, supplement, slobber or single feed.

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Are you unsure which grain-free or low-fat horse feed is best for your horse? We are happy to give you tailor-made advice

We are happy to help you make the right choice!