Chipsi Sunshine BioHeu 3kg

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Chipsi Sunshine BioHeu
high-quality pasture hay from organic farminghigh plant diversity

  • naturally dried
  • high fibre content
  • promotes digestion
  • ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other rodents
  • high plant diversity

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Chipsi Sunshine BioHeu
quality pasture hay from organic farming

This meadow hay contains all the vitamins and minerals that animals need to be and stay fit. It feeds rodents in a healthy and balanced way and ensures that their digestive system functions optimally. In addition, this hay prevents the teeth of rodents from becoming too long.

Chipsi Sunshine is suitable for:

  • small animals:
    chinchilla, degu, hamster, mouse, guinea pig, rat, Mongolian gerbil, dwarf hamster
  • birds:
    lovebirds, parakeet, canary, cockatiel, zebra finch
  • small livestock:
    chicken, quail, sheep, goat, donkey, llama, alpaca, mini pigs

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