CHUDLEYS Complete dog food without compromise!

In 2006, Chudleys received the Royal Award in recognition of producing excellent dog food.
And to this day, each and every Chudleys product is specially formulated to meet the needs of today’s dog:
Natural and healthy ingredients:
Chudleys has a natural approach to nutrition, using only the best, nutritionally – rich ingredients.
GM free recipes: Chudleys has a strict non-GM policy.
Quality protein: all poultry, lamb, beef and fish are sourced from dedicated, reputable suppliers.
Quality assurance: Chudleys strictly test both the raw materials and the finished batches of food that enter and leave the factory to ensure that every bag of Chudleys is consistently produced to the same high standard. In addition to these measures, all ingredients are fully traceable and come from fully audited and quality assured suppliers.
Fixed recipes and open declarations: Chudleys notes all the raw materials processed in each recipe, so there are no hidden surprises.
If it’s not on the bag, it’s not in there! .

Each recipe in the Chudleys range has been specially developed by Chudleys’ qualified and experienced nutritionists.
This means that all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy life are present in abundance in every Cudleys product.
To meet the exact nutritional needs of your dog, whether he is young or old, Chudleys has a number of specialist nutrient packs for additional support.

QLC (Quality Life Care)
We are all aware of the benefits of antioxidants in our diet and so is your dog.
All Chudleys dog foods have the added benefit of QLC (quality life care), a patented blend of natural antioxidants which “scavenge” excess free radicals; this prevents oxidative damage and helps to promote your dog’s overall wellbeing, condition and performance.