CHUDLEYS Complete dog food without compromise!

With over 40 years of expertise and passion in the physiology, feeding and management of working dogs, Chudleys prides itself on its commitment to quality. Chudleys specialist range of dog food is highly nutritious, containing substantial levels of quality protein alongside our patented blend of antioxidants, QLC, designed to support and maintain your dog’s health and well-being.By combining Chudleys wealth of experience, the latest research and modern manufacturing techniques, Chudleys has been able to create a comprehensive range of dog food that continues to proudly fuel generations of gun, farm and other working dogs.
Chudleys does this because they know first-hand how important it is to have peace of mind that your dog is receiving the ideal nutrition, to keep him performing and looking his very best. Somebody who understands this better than most is expert breeder and trainer, Bill Chudley.

Chudleys Heritage
The Chudleys family, renowned for breeding and training champion labradors, springer and cocker spaniels, had long been buying ingredients from Dodson & Horrell, Chudley’s parent company, before deciding to team up with them. Together we formulated a range of revolutionary feeds to specifically address the global needs of working dogs.
This relationship has flourished for over 40 years, with Bill continuing to be one of Dodson Horrell’s longest-serving directors. As different technologies, trends and innovations have emerged, his expertise has ensured that all Chudleys products remain true to their original philosophy and commitment to quality.