Delivery service BE and BRD

Delivery Service Germany & Belgium

Your contribution in the shipping costs per delivery in Belgium & Germany, except the islands


 incl. VAT Possible delivery day  
    1 – 18,5 kg  in 1 parcel    € 8,75    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
 1 8,6 – 30 kg  in 1 parcels        € 13,25    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  31 – 48,5 kg  in 2 parcels **        € 22,00     Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  48,6 – 60 kg  in 2 parcels**      € 26,50 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  61 – 78,5 kg  in 3 parcels**      € 35,25 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  78,6 – 90 kg  in 3 parcels**     € 39,75   Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
   91 – 120 kg  in 4 parcels **
€ 53,00 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
 121 – 150 kg  in 5 parcels ** or on a pallet
€ 66.25 Tuesday, Thursday
 151 – 180 kg    in 6 parcels ** or on a pallet € 79.50     Tuesday, Thursday
 180 – 875 kg  on a palllet on demand  Tuesday, Thursday

**To limit the shipping costs, the bags may be divided
Example: When ordering 3 bags (each 20kg = total 60 kg) the 3rd bag will be divided over the 2 packages.

Your order will be packed in a so-called protective bag; this protective bag  may have a different imprint than the items you ordered.
The protective bag may be opened without loss of “return guarantee”.
How do you recognize the protective bag?
The DPD shipping label with your address is on the protective bag and a lot of adhesive tape!
Please open the protective bag and your order will be packed in it!

The packages are delivered by DPD parcel service

The DPD Predict service is extensive, giving you more control over your package(s). 
You will receive a Predict email from the DPD, with which you can follow your package live and give the DPD driver any other instructions::

  • deliver on a different date
  • delivery to another address
  • delivery at a Pickup parcel shop (max. 20kg per parcel)
  •  deposit permission

Why not free shipping?

This is very simple; the costs made for shipping have to be paid somehow.
The most webshops charge these costs as a kind of storage in the selling price of the products.
We could make and our products a little more expensive by pretending that we don’t charge shipping costs, as usually happens with other webshops.

However, we think this is unfair because it punishes the customers who order more than one item. After all, they are charged shipping costs double. So the webshops that do not charge shipping costs, earn money without you noticing on the “free shipping”!
We prefer to keep the costs open and fair!