Dodson & Horrell Alfalfa18kg

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Dodson & Horrel Fibre Alfalfa
high quality, tasty alfalfa, provides slow-release energy, essential proteins and minerals 

* Naturally rich in proteins, essential amino acids and fibres
* Provides slow-release energy 
* naturally high in calcium 
* high in fibre and low in starch

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Dodson & Horrel Fibre Alfalfa

high quality, palatable alfalfa, providing slow-release energy, essential protein and minerals 

Dodson & Horrell Alfalfa is an excellent way to increase the overall quality of your horse’s diet while adding essential fibre.

Dodson & Horrel Fibre Alfalfa is

  • a high temperature dried and dedusted alfalfa
  • naturally rich in protein and amino acids – essential for:
    – muscle development
    – performance and recovery,
    – for the development of the unborn foal and the quality of the colostrum
  • provides slow-release energy – gives stamina without irritability and helps maintain weight
  • naturally high calcium content – supports stomach health and muscle function
  • high in fibre –
    – promotes healthy digestion
    – improves chewing and
    – improves chewing and thus helps to maintain a normal pH level in the stomach
  • Ideal for working horses and old horses needing extra conditioning or
  • horses that benefit from roughage that is rich in protein and calories.

Available in 18 kg packs (due to large volume, the Alfalfa is counted as 23 kg weight when calculating the shipping costs)


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