Dodson & Horrell Performance Concentrate Muesli 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Performance Concentrate Muesli
Concentrated muesli with extra supplements for high performance horses

* concentrated source from vitamins and minerals for horses that need less feed to stay in good condition
* fully balanced feed with minerals in chelated form for optimal absorption and activity in the body

* provides important amino acids, that support muscle development
* can be used to balance oats or other cereals
* including a basic amount of electrolytes
* with Hoof Support:(biotin, Zinc,methionine) to support healthy, strong hooves
* with QLC-antioxidant package and extra vitamin E to support  normal muscle  function and good recovery

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Dodson & Horrell Performance Concentrate Muesli (vh Competition Concentrate)

Performance Concentrate Muesli provides the energy for medium to heavy loads in small rations of and controlled calories.
This makes it particularly popular for sport horses and ponies prone to weight gain but needing extra energy for work.

Dodson & Horrell Concentrate Muesli is a combination of fast and slow releasing energy.
Maintaining an optimal weight is often difficult.
Dodson Horrell Concentrate Muesli meets the need to keep the fattening energy (mainly calories) low by supplying small amounts to the competition horse, but to keep the needed fast releasing energy (condition, endurance) optimal by supplying increased values of vitamins, minerals amino acids and cooked grains.
D&H Performance Concentrate Muesli is therefore very suitable for:

  • dressage horses
  • show horses
  • endurance horses
  • driving and marathon horses

In most cases the recommended amounts are sufficient, but in cases where more energy is needed, oats can be added.
the number of oats can be adapted to the workload and condition of the Horse, for example, building up to a competition…

Available in 20 kg packaging

Feeding Guidelines

Daily 250-320 g / 100 kg bodyweight combined with maximum 500-640 g / 100 kg bodyweight oats, if required.

In total, do not feed more than 320g / 100kg bodyweight per day of Performance Concentrate Muesli.

Distribute over at least 2-3 meals per day.
Ensure a minimum intake of 2 kg/ 100 kg bodyweight Fibreper day.

Fresh drinking water must always be available.


See the composition at:

Concentrate Muesli


For analysis and more information, view or download the datasheet:

Concentrate Muesli


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