Dodson & Horrell Convalescent Muesli 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Specialist Nutrition Convalescent Muesli
Nutritional support for horses in recovery or resting

* Very tasty
* oat-grain free
* High quality nutrition with patented QLC antioxidants for a healthy immune system
* Added L-lysine and high quality protein to maintain muscle mass
* Additional vitamin E

* Full Hindgut Support – FOS and MOS (prebiotics), ActiSaf yeast (probiotic) and Fibre Plus Complex, supporting a healthy hindgut environment, fibre fermentation and nutrient uptake
* Contains magnesium to encourage calm behaviour

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Dodson & Horrell Specialist Nutrition Convalescent Muesli
oatgrain-free diet, providing nutritional support for horses in recovery or resting

  • With Fibre Plus Complex to aid fibre digestion.
  • Magnesium to encourage calm behaviour.
  • Antioxidants for immune support.
  • Lysine and protein to maintain muscle mass.
  • Oat free.

Available in 20 kg packaging

Feeding Guidelines

Feed 450g-1kg/100kg bodyweight per day in conjunction with free access to forage. Do not exceed 1kg/100kg bodyweight per day in total. Divide into at least 2-3 meals per day.
Ensure a minimum intake of 2kg/100kg bodyweight of forage per day.
Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.
For use with target species only.


Oatfeed, Barley, Oat straw, Wheatfeed, Grass, Cane molasses, Extracted sunflower, Maize, Rapeseed oil, Dehulled soya bean meal, Unmolassed sugar beet, Full fat linseed, Peas, Linseed expeller, Calcium carbonate, Full fat soya, Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Magnesium oxide, Fructose oligosaccharides, Sodium bicarbonate, Mannan oligosaccharides, Mint, Basil, Mixture of: Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary, Rosehip, Pomegranate (0.03%)


Protein 11%
Lysine 5.7g/kg
Methionine 2g/kg
Oil 5%
Fibre 14%
Ash 7.5%
Starch 17.5%
Sugar 5.5%
Est. DE 11.4MJ/kg
Macro Minerals 
Calcium 1.2%
Phosphorus 0.55%
Magnesium 0.37%
Sodium 0.35%
Chloride 0.5%
Potassium 1%
Micro Minerals 
Cobalt 0.1mg/kg
Copper 60mg/kg
Zinc 200mg/kg
Manganese 200mg/kg
Iron 180mg/kg
Iodine 1mg/kg
Selenium 0.5mg/kg
Vitamin A 15,000iu/kg
Vitamin D 1,500iu/kg
Vitamin E 700mg/kg
B1 22mg/kg
B2 18mg/kg
B6 9.5mg/kg
B12 0.3mg/kg
Biotin 2.3mg/kg
Nicotinic Acid 30mg/kg
Folic Acid 11mg/kg


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