Dodson & Horrell Health Mash 15kg

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Dodson & Horrell Health Mash 
An aromatic herbal mash supporting immune and digestive function

* Molasses-free recipe
Low starch & sugar
* Super fibre
Digestive support – MOS, FOS, Actisaf Yeast & Psyllium
* Immune support – QLC Antioxidants & Echinacea
* Herbal support – Mint, Fennel & Cinnamon

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Dodson & Horrell Health Mash
Low-starch, high-fibre herb mash to support digestion and the immune system all year round!

Rarely have we gone into a winter season with health and wellbeing in mind.
We know we want to provide the best feed to support a horse’s needs and prepare them for everything that lies ahead.
Health Mash is a new health focused formulation, full of supporting supplements and key features.

An herbal mash that supports the immune system and digestion. Adding hot water releases Health Mash’s tasty herbal aroma, making even the fussy eater want to eat.

Health Mash is a versatile feed, because it does not heat up, it is suitable to be fed to most horses and ponies. It is also suitable for horses and ponies prone to stomach ulcers. As an added bonus, it is ready to feed in less than ten minutes and will be available all year round!

Feeding Guidelines

Health Mash should be weighed before soaking.
For every 100g of Health Mash, add 200-250ml of water and soak for 10 minutes before feeding.
Feed 100-200g/100kg bodyweight per day in conjunction with free access to forage.
Do not exceed 300g/100kg bodyweight per day in total.

Ensure a minimum intake of 2kg/100kg bodyweight of forage per day.
Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.

Composition & Analysis

For composition and analysis, see our datasheet

Health Mash


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