Dodson & Horrell Just Grass 12,5kg

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Dodson & Horrell Just Grass
high energy, naturally dried grass chaff, ideal for horses in work or those that struggle to hold their weight

* High fibre content.
* High in easily digestible protein.
* Highly palatable.
* Suitable to mix with hard feed.
* Can be used as a partial forage replacer. 
* Not suitable for laminitics

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Dodson & Horrell Just Grass
High calorie, molasses-free, pure dried grass chaff suitable for all horses and ponies, except for laminitics.

Just Grass combines several grasses including Timothy, Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass, with nothing else added.

  • Contains a high quality source of protein to provide the building blocks for muscle
  • high in calories to support moderate to heavy workloads or weight gain.
  • The length and fibrous nature of this chaff encourages chewing and promotes saliva production, which supports stomach health.
  • Due to the sugar content, Just Grass is not suitable for horses that are laminitis and on a controlled diet.

Available in 12,5kg packaging
(because of the volume, it is counted as 15kg for the shipping costs)  

Feeding Guidelines

Feed 50-600g/100kg bodyweight per day in conjunction with free access to forage. Divide into at least 2-3 meals per day.
Ensure a minimum intake of 1.5kg/100kg bodyweight of forage per day.
Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.
Store in a cool, dry place.
For use with target species only.



Dried Grass


Protein 8.5%
Oil 2.4%
Fibre 34%
Sugar 6%
Est. DE 8MJ/kg
Macro Minerals
Calcium 3.5%
Phosphorus 2.5%
Magnesium 0.9%
Sodium 0.15%
Micro Minerals
Copper 5mg/kg
Zinc 30mg/kg
Manganese 15mg/kg
Iron 150mg/kg


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