Dodson & Horrell Staypower cubes 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Performance StayPower Cubes
Oat-grain free performance cubes that releases energy slowly for stamina and performance

* oat-grain free performance feed with lower starch content
* provides important amino acids and E vitamin
* contains electrolytes
* fully balanced nutrition including chelated minerals
* contains ActiSaf yeast 

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Dodson & Horrell Performance Staypower Cubes
steady release energy for stamina and performance

Providing a slow-release source of energy to enhance endurance and performance is an essential part of a horse’s diet in medium and heavy work.
With a unique formulation, Stay Power is perfect for providing a controlled slow-release energy source, even for horses with sensitive digestive systems.
The slow-release energy makes Staypower Cubes ideal for sport horses in endurance sports that require energy and endurance over a longer period of time.

  • Ideal for eventing & endurance horses and horses requiring stamina
  • provides slow-release energy for endurance, strength and controlled power
  • provides important amino acids and vitamin E to support muscle development and recovery
  • promotes recovery from work and rehydration
  • includes basic electrolytes
  • added L-lysine for muscle development and maintenance
  • suitable for horses or ponies with sensitive digestion
  • also suitable for horses and ponies with an irritable or temperamental constitution
  • Low in starch
  • Developed after years of research into performance feed for horses
  • promotes long-term health and vitality 

Available in 20 kg packaging

Feeding guideline

Daily 0.4kg per 100kg bodyweight in combination with unlimited access to fibre

Do not feed more than 1.0kg per 100kg bodyweight per day
Distribute daily quantity over at least 2-3 servings per day

Ensure a minimum intake of 2.0kg fibre per 100kg bodyweight per day.

Clean drinking water must be available at all times

Composition & Analysis

For composition and analysis, see our datasheet

D&H Staypower Cubes


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