Dodson & Horrell Triple Action Low Starch Mix 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Triple Action Low Starch Mix
Low starch mix for horses requiring optimal nutrition for competitions

  • Low starch and sugar content
  • Delivers energy from oils and proteins instead of grain
  • Delivers highly digestible energy, which is released slowly
  • Palatable feed, ideal for fussy eaters
  • Supplements to support gastrointestinal and immune function
  • Enriched with vitamin E to support muscles
  • Includes beta glucans for gastrointestinal support
  • With calcium-rich marine algae, promoting the maintenance of normal pH levels in the stomach
  • Extra enriched with important amino acids

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Dodson & Horrell Triple Action Low Starch Mix
Low-starch mix for horses that need optimal nutrition for competitions

Triple Action is particularly suitable for sport horses with special dietary requirements.
Due to the high content of valuable oils, energy is released slowly.
The stomach’s pH level is kept optimal thanks to the high calcium content of Maerl algae.
Important amino acids and added vitamin E provide optimal support for muscle function.

Dodson & Horrell Triple Action Low Starch Mix is particularly suitable:

  • for horses that are sensitive to stomach problems
  • for horses with metabolic problems
  • for sport horses

What type of feed does your horse need? In brief:

Low starch and low protein: High Fibre Nuts
Low starch and high protein: Triple Action Low Starch mix

Moderate starch and high protein pellets: ERS Cubes
Moderate starch and high-protein muesli: Elite Sport muesli
Moderate starch and low protein: Safe & Sound

Composition & Analysis

For more information on composition & analysis, view or download the datasheet:

D&H Triple Action Low Starch Mix


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