Dodson & Horrell Youngstock mix 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Breeding Classic Youngstock Mix
Nutritionally balanced rearing muesli for foals and yearlings

* rich in valuable amino acids
* Nutritionally balanced for development the skeleton
* Supports growth in young horses

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Dodson & Horrell Breeding Classic Youngstock Mix (vh Rearing Diet)

Dodson & Horrell Youngstock Mix is a rearing muesli specific formulated to meet the needs of growing horses and ponies (age between weaning to approx. 2 years).

  • Growth: easily digestible and rich in valuable amino acids.
  • Bone & joint development: formulated to achieve a controlledglycemic response, optimal cation-anion balance, as well as high levels of calcium and chelated copper to ensure.
  • immune system: high content of vitamin E, with added organic selenium and MOS.
  • Hoof and coat health: high in quality proteins, with added biotin and chelated Zinc.
  • digestion: specially boiled cereals and added probiotics.

Available in 20 kg packaging

Feeding Guidelines

Daily 700g-1.3 kg / 100 kg body weight in combination with unlimited access to Fibre.
Do not use more than 1.3 kg / 100 kg body weight per day.
Divide over at least 2-3 meals per day.
Ensure a minimum intake of 2 kg/ 100 kg body weight Fibre per day.

Fresh drinking water must always be available


See the composition at:

Dodson & Horrel Youngstock Mix


For analysis and more information, view or download the datasheet:

Dodson & Horrel Youngstock Mix


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