Dried Meat Medium-Large

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Dried meat  healthy snack for your dog
100% dried beef that your dog will love and the ideal alternative to fresh meat!

* Ideal natural dog treat for training
* The natural healthy dog treat
* High in protein (65%) from natural quality 100% beef!
* A natural dog treat that helps with good oral health and strong teeth
* Contains natural oils to give your dog a healthy, shiny coat.
* 15kg bag of dried meat replaces approx. 70kg fresh meat
* Size of meat pieces: Medium – Large


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 Dried Meat Medium-Large 

Dried beef is a healthy snack for your dog: dogs and dog trainers love it!
The ideal alternative to fresh meat; 1kg of dried meat replaces approx. 4-5kg of fresh meat

Dried meat contains more than 60% protein and is very suitable as a supplementary food for active dogs and dogs with active and perform physical work
Dried meat can be fed dry (ideal as reward) or soaked with warm/hot water (delicious meat flavor).


100% British Beef


 Analytic ingredients

  Crude protein 65.0   %
  Crude oil and fat 12.0   %
  Crude fibre 5.0   %
  Crude ash 15,0   %


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