Equine Products UK Copper Trition

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Equine Products UK Copper-Trition
Vitamin and mineral food supplement to support maximum performance

* contains high levels of chelated copper for connective tissue synthesis, red blood cell production and healthy coat and hoof condition
* more red blood cells means more oxygen to the muscles
* organic copper is absorbed faster and more efficiently
* contains B vitamins for energy metabolism and helps support maximum performance

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Equine Products UK Copper Trition supports maximum performance

Copper-Trition is a vital vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins including vitamins E, B6, Folic acid and B12. Most importantly, it contains very high levels of organically chelated copper, as well as manganese and zinc.

Horses and ponies in high performance need a supplementary source of copper.

Available in powder form 1.5kg and 4kg bucket

Feeding guidelines

Horses in training / competition 50g
Ponies in full work 25g
Ponies not in full work 12.5g


 Additives per 50gr 

 Copper 100  mg/kg
 Zinc 10  mg/kg
 Manganese 5  mg/kg
 Selenium 1.25  mg/kg
 Vitamin E 2000  iu/kg
 Vitamin B6 12  mg/kg
 Vitamin B12 48  mcg
 Folic acid 50  mg/kg


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