Forage is the basis of the diet from all horses or pony’s

Forage is the most important component of your horse’s diet, whether you have horses in race or competition training, broodmares and youngstock, or simply ride for pleasure.
The significance of the right quantity and type of forage is easy to appreciate as health often fails when this is not achieved.

Health issues can arise either when the level of forage fed is inadequate, the quality of forage is not good enough, or the digestibility is not appropriate for the life-stage or activity of the horses in question.
In order to promote digestion and a healthy intestinal flora, it is important that the horse’s ration contains sufficient fiber (crude fiber).

Our roughage products are an ideal addition and / or replacement.

For more information (Dutch):: ruwvoer is de basis voor elk paard or ruwvoer tips voor oude paarden of pony’s