Hard Feed

Concentrated, hard feed for your horse

Hard feeds and concentrates are necessary to complete the roughage ration in a nutritional and health-wise manner.

A concentrated feed (pellet, muesli or mix) is designed to provide an additional source of calories and the amount of concentrated feed depends on your horse’s calorific needs. A good concentrated feed, when fed according to the recommended feeding guidelines, will also provide all the nutrients your horse needs for health and well-being. View less

How much concentrated feed can I safely feed at one time?
The horse’s stomach is very small compared to the rest of its digestive system. Therefore feeding large amounts of concentrate can increase the risk of problems (such as colic). Try not to feed more than 500gr / 100kg body weight at a time! For example, a horse weighing 500kg can have a maximum of 2.5kg of feed at a time. Please note that this maximum amount at a time includes all the feed, i.e. concentrate, chaff, sugar beet etc.
In some cases it may be necessary to reduce the amount fed at a time, horses and ponies with Cushing’s syndrome (PPID) for example benefit from very small, regular amounts of feed at a time.