HiK9 Hypoallergenic cover Large Charcoal Star & Grey

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HiK9 Charcoal Star & Grey Cosy Sleeve

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HiK9 Charcoal Star & Grey Cosy Sleeve

A soft sleeve made from a deep pile veterinary bedding, the sleeve pulls on to the bed easily and offers the following advantages:

* Stays fixed on the bed until you take it off, great or dogs that drag soft bedding around

* Veterinary bedding is naturally hypo-allergenic and deters infestations
* High wicking properties, allowing damp dogs to dry off quickly
* Can be washed on a high temperature
* Material will dry quickly
* Our veterinary bedding is produced with a special coating to allow enhanced breathability
* Good for dogs that like to nest and dig at their beds before settling
* Breathable mesh backing which will not restrict air flow
* Can also be used in deterring chewing as many dogs dont like the texture of veterinary bedding in their mouth

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