HiK9 Large Pet Bed compile

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HiK9 Large Pet Bed compile

Dimensions: 69 br x 111 lgt x 21 hg cm
Lying area dimensions: 69 x 90cm
Max. weight: 70kg
Suitable for Labrador, Rottweiler, Husky, Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retreiver, Weimaraner, Dalmatian, etc.

One assembled HiK9 dog stretcher consists of:
1 frame,
1 cover (ventilating or tightly woven): please make your choice below
4 standard feet and
1 storage bag

HiK9 Large Frame Dog Bed

90.95 incl. VAT

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HiK9 Mesh Cover Large Brown

HiK9 Canvas Cover Large Black

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HiK9 Mesh Cover Large Black

HiK9 Canvas Cover Large Brown


HiK9 Large Pet Bed compile

The cover stretched over the metal frame creates a very comfortable place for your dog to sleep, stretch and enjoy!
Your dog can snuggle up and curl up or straighten because he is not constrained by raised walls.
The covers are replaceable and available in two different fabrics:

  • an ventilating mesh for dogs that become dirty and/or wet or overheated
  • a densely woven fabric (solid) that feels smoother
  • Clean, hose down, sanitize or wipe away- it couldn’t be easier!

The cover molds to your dogs body to prevent pressure points that can develop into unsightly and painful sores.
Your dog’s body heat is not conducted any further, so there is no condensation under the bed (no stench, no mildew, or damp bedding)
This makes the stretchers especially good for dogs with arthritis and joint problems.
The mesh cover is ideal for dogs suffering from skin allergies because the dog bed can be cleaned very easily; it circulates the air and the dirt falls trough the open weave.


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