HiK9 XXL Pet Bed compile

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HiK9 XXL Raised Pet Bed 

Dimensions: 89 br x 145 lgt x 28 hg cm
Lounging area dimensions: 89 x 125 cm
Max. weight: 100kg
Suitable for (large) dogs who like to share!
An assembled dogstretcher consists of: frame, cover (ventilated or tightly woven), standard feet and storage bag.


HiK9 XXL Frame Dog Bed

118.95 incl. VAT

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HiK9 Canvas Cover XXL Black

HiK9 Canvas Cover XXL Brown

HiK9 Mesh Cover XXL Black

HiK9 Mesh Cover XXL Brown

HiK9 XXL Heavy Duty Silver Mesh Cover


HiK9 XXL Raised Pet Bed 

A set of HiK9 Bed consists of:

  • Frame
  • Cover (mesh or canvas)
  • carry bag
  • rubber feet


The metal frame is galvanised for long-term protection and then powder coated for a nice finish and better protection so the bed can also be used outside.


With a fabric top / cover suspended over the metal frame creates a very comfortable place for your dog!
Because your dog is not hindered by upright sides, your dog can nest, curl up or stretch right out.

The covers are replaceable and available in two different fabrics:

  • a breathable (ventilating) mesh for dogs that get dirty and/or wet or overheat  
  • a tightly woven fabric (canvas) that is a softer feel fabric 

The cover moulds to the shape of your pet ensuring no pressure points which can develop unsightly and uncomfortable sores.
This also helps with arthritis and other joint problems.
Your dog’s body heat is not conducted further, so there is no condensation under the bed (so no smell, no mildew or damp bedding).

The mesh cover is also practical and ideal for dogs with skin allergies because:

  • it allows the air to circulate
  • the dirt falls through the open fabric


The beds are not only very handy at home, but also when travelling, on holiday or when your dog is staying over.


The HiK9 bed comes standard with black rubber feet, which are not harmful for your carpet or solid floor.
Will you be using the HiK9 bed outside? Then we advise you to order the heavy duty feet.


Cleaning the HiK9 bed is very simple!
You can wipe the dirt off or even mop the bed.

The cover can, if desired, be washed in the washing machine on a short cycle. 


  • fleece blankets & sleeping bags,
  • toppers
  • leg extensions to create a bunk bed idea,
  • replacement covers and feet for the HiK9 beds.


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