HiK9 XS Extra Small Pet Bed Compile

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HiK9 Extra Small Raised Pet bed

Dimensions: W36 x L61 x H11 cm
Sleeping size: W36 x L45 cm
Max. weight: 40kg
Ideal size for Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, Manchester Terrier, Pomeranian, Dachshund, Japanese Chin, or Cat, Rabbit or Ferret

HiK9 XS Extra Small Frame Dog Bed

45.95 incl. VAT

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HiK9 Cover Canvas XS Black

HiK9 Cover Canvas XS Brown

HiK9 Cover Mesh XS Brown

HiK9 Cover Mesh XS Black


HiK9 Extra Small Pet Bed

Many of us seem to have an idea of what a dog bed should look like – usually it is soft, padded and is placed directly onto the floor.
The HiK9 beds are a little different
from conventional beds and in our opinion it is this that makes dogs love them. Pet owners love them too as they are so easy to clean, deter infestations and don’t get
the smells we associate with dogs and their beds.

A fabric top suspended over a metal frame, our bed creates a very comfortable place for your dog to sleep, stretch and spend hours contemplating life!
Unrestricted by sides your dog can choose to nest and curl up or stretch right out.
Covers are replaceable and available in two different fabrics:
a breathable mesh
for dogs that get wet, dirty or overheat,
or a solid fabric that is smoother to the
touch and prevents draughts.
To clean, machine wash, jet wash, disinfect or wipe
down – it couldn’t be simpler.

The cover moulds to your dog’s body ensuring there are no pressure points that can develop into unsightly and uncomfortable sores.
No heat is conducted from
your dog’s body ensuring it is kept warm and comfortable with no condensation
gathering underneath the bed creating smells, mildew and damp bedding.
is these features that make our beds especially good for dogs with arthritis and joint problems. T
he mesh cover is also perfect for dogs that are suffering with skin
allergies as the bed can be cleaned with ease; it also allows air to circulate and any debris to drop through the open weave.

All beds are fully collapsible and come in their own bag so are great not only at home but when travelling, holidaying or during times when your dog may need to be kenneled.
The metal frame is rust proofed for long-term protection then
powder coated for improved appearance and enhanced protection meaning it can be left outdoors if required.
It comes as standard with black plastic feet and
will not harm your carpets or solid floors.

We also have a range of HiK9 accessories to complement your bed

Size suggestions

“What size does my dog need?” is a question we get asked a lot and we try to advise to the best of out knowledge. However, it all depends on how your dog sleeps, be it stretched out or curled up in a ball. Below are the dimensions, sleeping sizes and ideal dogs for each size. 

Extra Small Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W36 x L64 x H11

Sleeping Size (cm) – W36 x L45

Supports – 40KG/88LB

Ideal size for – Papillon, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and all cats.

Small Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W49 x L73 x H15

Sleeping Size (cm) – W39 x L55

Supports – 40KG/88LB

Ideal size for – Jack Russell, Shihtzu, Cavalier, Pug and Frenchie.

Medium Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W59 x L92 x H18

Sleeping Size (cm) – W59 x L73

Supports – 50KG/110LB

Ideal size for – Border Collie, Springer Spaniel and Whippets.

Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W69 x L111 x H21

Sleeping Size (cm) – W69 x L90

Supports – 70KG/154LB

Ideal size for – Labrador, Retriever, Dalmatian and Weimaraner.

Extra Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W80 x L126 x H23

Sleeping Size (cm) – W80 x L114

Supports – 95KG/209LB

Ideal size for – Great Dane, Deerhound and Newfoundland.

Extra Extra Large Bed

Dimensions (cm) – W89 x L145 x H28

Sleeping Size (cm) – W89 x L128

Supports – 100KG/220LB

Ideal size for – Large dogs that like to share.


Measuring your bed

We frequently get told by customers that they are unsure of the size of bed they have. An easy way to to determine this is to measure the width (shortest side) of the bed from the outside of the metal to the outside edge of the metal.

The HiK9 Beds should measure:

Extra Small – 36cm

Small – 49cm

Medium – 59cm

Large – 69cm

Extra Large – 80cm

Extra Extra Large – 89cm


Mesh or Canvas HiK9 Cover?

The HiK9 mesh covers are made from a tough plastic coated polyester and have the
following advantages:
• Breathable, Air flow allows dogs to regulate body temperature
• Dust and hair drops through the mesh
• Very easy to clean and can withstand chemical cleaners such as bleach and
trigene if required
• Dries almost instantly so can be back in use within minutes
• Can be left outdoors as water drains through the open weave
• Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis
• ideal for dogs with allergies as stops dust mites from breeding in bedding
• Continence issues – puppy training pads can be inserted between the double
layer mesh catching any accidents
• Good for dogs with longer coats as they appreciate the air flow
• Great for dogs that get dirty and wet on a regular basis
• Doesn’t harbour smells

The HiK9 canvas covers are made from a polyester fabric backed with a waterproof
coating and have the following advantages:
• Doesn’t allow air or water to pass through
• A softer feel fabric
• Dust hair and dirt are collected on top and wont stick to the fabric but can be
brushed off easily
• Machine washable at 40 degrees
• Stops unwanted draughts



No! To some dogs nothing is completely indestructable, however, HiK9 beds stand up to a lot of wear and tear and we receive lots of positive feedback from customers stating that the HiK9 is the first bed their dog hasn’t eaten!
We supply replacement covers so it’s never the end of the world if your dog does have a nibble every now and

We’ve never met a dog that doesn’t like to get on our beds, sometimes it may take a little encouragement but generally they take to them like a duck to water (or should that be dog?) Dogs in the wild will always sleep up off the ground as it can be cold, damp and is also where parasites breed.

Yes, the frame is rust proofed before the powder coating so can be left outside whatever the weather.
We would suggest the mesh cover which will allow any water to drain through and heavy duty feet to give added protection to your frame.

Yes, covers are replaceable. Generally we expect a cover to last at least 12 months, although most people go for several years without needing to replace them.

No, the HiK9 leg extensions fit inside our small, medium and large frames only.
HiK9 uses a thicker steel on the XL and XXL frames so the extensions will not fit.
Any size of bed can be used for the bottom bunk.


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