The Original HiK9

The Original HiK9 Dog Stretcher gives your pet the comfort they deserve!

The original HiK9 beds are different from conventional dog beds and according to RWDH, that’s why dogs love the Hi-K9 dog beds. The dog owners love them too; they are easy to clean, repel pests and do not absorb odors.

  • Keeps your dog off the cold floor & away from drafts.
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
  • Great if your dog is hairy; you simply wipe the hair off the cover.
  • Hygienic for dog and owner
  • Parasites and insects cannot penetrate the fabric of the cover; the cover is resistant to infestations.
  • Easier for dogs to climb on; especially for older dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia.
  • Great for dogs with arthritis and joint problems
  • Provides comfort and support, the cover molds to the body.