St. Hippolyt Ungulat Hufkur 10kg

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St. Hippolyt Ungulat 10kg

* rich in keratin-forming amino acids
* rich in special brewer’s yeast
* special herbal composition
* rich in highly bioavailable trace elements

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St. Hippolyt Ungulat 

Better horn growth
The hoof horn consist mainly of the protein keratin, which in turn displays a characteristic amino acid pattern.
A deficiency of the amino acids: Methionine, Cystine, Lysine, Proline and Glycine is compensated with Ungulat either directly or natural protein souces such as brewer’s yeast, oilseeds, chlorella algae and herbs.

Improvement of the hoof quality
Mineral substances such as Zinc, Copper,Iron, Organic Sulfur compounds, Silicon and Calcium are important structural components for the hoof horn.
In Ungulat these nutrients occur in optimized mixing ratios and to ensure bioavailability predominantly occur in natural compound form.

The cold pressed linseed oil in Ungulat provides unsaturated vegetable fatty acids. They are important for flexibility and elasticity of the hoof horn.

Ungulat provides a better absorption of nutrients supplies enzyme-rich cereal germs, garlic, brewer’s yeast, linseed, millet, chamomile, vitamin A and trace elements cobalt, to stimulate the digestion and to improve biotin production.


bruwer’s yeast, alfalfa chop, oilseed mix (linseed, sunflower seeds) 14% herbs (horsetail, box horn clover seeds, nettle, chamomile, turmeric, rosemary) 11% oil mix (linseed, sunflower oil) cold pressed 6%, millet, malt-yeast protein, magnesium acetate, wheat bran, vinegar, apple syrup, salt






 Ruw Eiwit  Crude Protein   Rohprotein  19.0 %
 Ruwe Olie & Vetten  Crude Oils & Fats   Rohöle und -fette  10.3 %
 Ruwe Vezels  Crude Fibre   Rohfaser  10.0 %
 Ruwe As  Crude Ash   Rohasche  16.0 %

Minerale waarden zijn totale waarden van het product, inclusief toegevoegde en van nature voorkomende mineralen uit granen, vezels en andere grondstoffen. 

Dergelijke materialen zijn van nature variabel en als zodanig kunnen de totale waarden enigszins variëren /

Mineral values are total values within the product including added and naturally occurring minerals from grains, fibres and other raw materials.
Such materials are naturally variable and as such total values may vary slightly /

Mineralwerte sind Gesamtwerte innerhalb des Produkts, einschließlich zugesetzter und natürlich vorkommender Mineralien aus Getreide, Fasern und anderen Rohstoffen.
Solche Materialien sind natürlich variabel und als solche können die Gesamtwerte geringfügig variieren


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