Supplement for your horse

The sense or nonsense of a dietary supplement for your horse or pony…

The basis for each healthy Horse is a balanced ration with sufficient, qualitative fibre, possibly supplemented with hard feed and/or balancer. You can also give a nutritional supplement to give your horse for extra help in special situations or to supplement specific shortages in your horse ration.

When do you support your horse with a supplement?

There are different phases and situations in which your horse has special nutritional needs.
For example, recovery after illness or surgery, when your horse is very nervous or as extra support during a change of season or heavy effort. Sometimes you can’t cover these needs with your regular ration and a supplement will help your horse in this special situation.

Wielens Animal Feeds has an extensive range of nutritional supplements for your horse or pony.
René Wielens is a feed specialist/nutritionist and gives you free tailor-made advice on horse supplements and horse feed and care.

Not sure which supplement is best for your horse? We are happy to give you tailor-made nutritional advice

We are happy to help you make the right choice!