HorseHage Alfalfa

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HorseHage Alfalfa

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HorseHage Alfalfa dust-free alfalfa for horses with increased feed needs

HorseHage Alfalfa contains only alfalfa, a legume instead of grass, but is produced in the same way as other HorseHage varieties. Alfalfa is a member of the pea family and is a deep-rooted plant with nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots. Alfalfa can be grown for 3-4 years as it is a perennial and is drought resistant. HorseHage Alfalfa is produced in the same way as the other HorseHage varieties, so with the same advantages, such as dust-free and with a 100% quality guarantee.

Alfalfa has a higher content of protein, digestible fiber, energy, calcium and vitamins than grass.
The protein content has an optimal balance of amino acids, especially lysine which is especially important for growth, pregnancy and milk production.
This high nutrient content makes it suitable for hard working horses, veterans and show horses. Ideal for very intensively used riding horses or horses that are seriously underweight and old horses with a weak metabolism.

HorseHage Alfalfa is for horses with:

  • extra need for crude fibre
  • an inefficient metabolism
  • limited grazing
  • high protein requirement for optimal growth
  • Low starch and sugar content


HorseHage analyses
HorseHage analyses


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