HorseHage Ryegrass

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HorseHage Ryegrass the ideal dust-free forage for horses in work or to improve weight and condition

* low in sugar and starch
* ideal roughage for horses and ponies in work and / or training
* suitable for horses and ponies to maintain their weight
* dust-free and contains no chemical additives
* concentrate may be reduced by a maximum of one third
* 100% natural forage

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HorseHage Ryegrass ryegrass is the ideal roughage for all horses and ponies in work or training

It is consistent and reliable and contains only grass. Although it is cut from the same selection of ryegrasses as HorseHage High Fibre, it is cut at a slightly earlier stage of growth. This is to provide an optimal protein and energy level.
The protein and energy content makes it ideal for hunter horses, heavy, young horses and breeding horses.
Moreover, it is suitable for active horses that are working and horses that need more energy to maintain their condition and/or weight.

If you feed HorseHage as your main roughage source, you can reduce the concentrate by about a third.
This creates a more “natural” ration, which helps to support your horse or pony’s digestion…

HorseHage Ryegrass is

  • dust-free
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • contains no chemical additives, mold inhibitors, aromas, molasses or inoculants.
  • has a lower sugar content than in other roughages due to the unique fermentation process.
  • it is easier to digest than other roughages has the value of fresh grass, improves the condition and natural shine of the coat.
  • is made from a selection of ryegrasses, cut at an early stage of growth, providing optimal protein and energy levels.
  • is suitable for competition horses and ponies, hunters, yearlings and breeding horses.
  • can also be fed to help your horse gain weight and improve condition is usually pale gold in color, but some batches may retain a green color towards the end of fermentation which then develops to gold.
  • Its distinct, sweet aroma makes it unique and it has a much finer texture than HorseHage High Fibre.

Feeding Guideline

Per day 1.5 to 2% of the body weight.
Concentrates may possibly. be reduced by 1/3.

Shelf life: Unopened, HorseHage can be stored for up to 18 months, once opened it must be consumed within 5-7 days.

Occasionally a creamy white substance forms on the HorseHage. This is not mold, but yeast and is a naturally occurring substance and usually disappears when the HorseHage bale is open for 24 hours.

When a bag is damaged and oxygen has reached the HorseHage for an extended period (more than 5 days), mold can develop. Mold can be gray, orange, blue in color and should not be fed.

Always keep HorseHage bales away from pests.




HorseHage analyses
HorseHage analyses



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