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HorseHage – the original dust free forage

HorseHage offers a healthy, dust-free and consistent alternative to hay or haylage.

About HorseHage

In the 1970s Mark Westaway became increasingly concerned that his military horses were constantly coughing. His vet felt that the coughing was dust-related and that since hay was the main source of dust, the problem would continue unless someone could come up with a dust-free forage specifically designed for the horse. So from a chance but important observation, the idea for HorseHage was born.

Mark Westaway gives two main reasons for HorseHage’s success.
“Firstly, it is a natural product with no additives and it is the closest thing to pasture grass.
Secondly, it can help maintain not only a healthy respiratory system, but also the digestive system. Over thirty years of production has given us all the knowledge and experience we need to make a top quality product, and our sales prove it. “

What is HorseHage?

HorseHage is a 100% natural, long fibre fermented roughage in the variants “Ryegrass Mix”, “HighFibre”, “Timothy” and “Alfalfa”.

HorseHage is the optimum roughage for horses because almost all the nutrients in fresh grass are retained by preserving the healthy grasses in a special way.
It is a fermented roughage produced especially for horses, based on a tried and tested mix of various rye and Timothy grasses. HorseHage has been using these grasses for almost 30 years because they contain important nutrients for horses.
These special grasses are cultivated in autumn.
The cultivated areas are then maintained and regularly checked for plants that are toxic to horses.
Before the grasses are cut in early and late summer, HorseHage uses a drone with a thermal imaging camera to check if/where the fawn is. In this way the animals are protected.

An extra high cut prevents contamination of the roughage. Unlike silage, the grass is not immediately wrapped in foil, but first dried by turning the grass in the field until the right degree of dryness is achieved.

The grass is then pressed into bales and packed. Packing the grass in airtight foil bags ensures excellent loss-free lactic fermentation.
In addition, a shelf life of at least one year can be guaranteed.
The late cutting time guarantees the high crude fibre and low protein content that are so important for horses.

HorseHage is not only ideal for leisure animals, but also for performance horses and breeding animals, as its different cutting times and grass mixtures allow it to produce the right roughage for your horse or pony.

The production process and the year-round greening help protect the environment, giving the crop a very good eco-balance.