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HorseHage – the original dust free forage

HorseHage offers a healthy, dust-free and consistent alternative to hay or haylage. It’s available in four different grades, with a choice of energy and protein levels, so there’s a variety that’s suitable for all horses and ponies, including laminitics.

During the seventies the late Mark Westaway became increasingly concerned about event horses persistently coughing. His veterinary surgeon expressed the view that the coughing was dust related and that since hay was the major dust source, the problem would continue unless someone could come up with a dust free forage designed specifically for the horse.

So from a chance but significant remark the idea for HorseHage was born.

The original Ryegrass HorseHage has been joined by High Fibre HorseHage, Timothy HorseHage and the specialist product, Alfalfa HorseHage.

HorseHage is also well-known for the Mollichaff range of high fibre chaffs and complete feeds.
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A Royal Warrant was awarded in 1983 after the Queen’s horse, Burmese, was fed HorseHage when suffering a respiratory problem. She was one of tens of thousands of ponies and horses, from Shetlands to Thoroughbreds, that have benefited from HorseHage’s dust-free properties.

HorseHage is the Official Supplier of Dust-Free Forage to The British Equestrian Team. HorseHage has been supplied to the British Equestrian Teams at every Olympic Games since Los Angeles in 1984. We also supply forage for the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and the British Showjumping National Championships.

Mark Westaway gives two main reasons for the success of HorseHage. “Firstly it is a natural product with no additives and is the nearest thing you can get to grass in the field. Secondly it can not only help maintain a healthy respiratory system but the digestive system too. Over thirty years of production has given us all the knowledge and experience we need to make a top quality product, and our sales prove this.”

HorseHage MolliChaff
HorseHage MolliChaff