Maridil Sainfoin Cobs

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Maridil® Esparsette Sainfoin Cobs
high-quality, grain-free basic food for a healthy digestion 

* as a supplement to and to enhance hay, hay, hay, silage, sillage and grass
* Helps to combat bloating
* promotes appetite and saliva production and is rich in crude fiber
* stimulates the bowel function and helps make stools thicker
* very suitable for seniors, skinny horses or during weight loss
* Easily digestible and ideal for horses with a sensitive metabolism and / or horses that need to be fed starch and sugar low

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Maridil Esparsette Cobs – Esparcette – SainFoin high-quality, low-sugar concentrate and roughage for all horses

Maridil Esparcette Cobs is a highly digestible feed supplement for horses.
Its high nutrient content makes it an ideal fibre-rich alternative to concentrates. 

The sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia L.) is in the true sense of the word a versatile feed plant with multiple beneficial properties:

  • it acts against flatulence
  • it also supports a healthy digestion and intestinal flora,
  • It also stabilises the gastrointestinal tract and helps to deacidify the organism.
  • Due to its content of condensed tannins, it can help to thicken the stool.

Esparsette is suitable for all horses – including those with EMS, laminitis, insulin resistance and is much more than just a roughage replacement!

Properties of Maridil Esparsette

  • rich in essential amino acids
  • rich in nutritious crude fibre
  • contains organically bound calcium, vitamins, beta-carotene, selenium and other trace elements
  • rich in rutin, which supports the elasticity of blood vessels and capillaries
  • without additives, free of binders and molasses free
  • ideal concentrate for horses that need to be fed grain-free or horses that are overweight (the concentrate should be gradually replaced by Esparcette cobs)
  • Builds up muscle in lean, scrawny horses
  • Prevents flatulence
  • Very tasty, also for fussy horses.
  • Also ideal for healthy intestinal function for sheep and goats.
  • Esparcette is dried in warm air and then processed into handy chunks/cobs.

Feeding guideline

Young horses in growth:              from 0,4kg daily
Lactating mares:                          from 0,5kg daily
Skinny and older horses:             from 0.5 kg daily
Sport horses and racing horses:  from 1kg daily
Hobby horses:                              from 0.15kg daily as a high quality grain substitute

Soak before feeding! (Pour 3 cups of water over 1 cup of Cobs and let it soak for about 45 minutes).
Small gifts can be hand-fed as healthy treats without soaking.

Divide the Esparcette over several feeding sessions for quantities greater than 1 kg. Keep cool, dry and closed!
Simple food for horses, rodents, alpacas and ruminants


100% natural Sainfoin Esparcette  (warm air dried) in chunk form (approx. 9mm diameter), without additives


Crude protein 14.5%
Crude fat 2.8%
Crude fiber 24.2%
Crude asche 7.1%
Sugar 5.9%
Starch <0.1%
Calcium 0.74%
Phosphor 0.24%
Sodium 80 mg/kg
Zinc 25.4 mg/kg
Selenium 0.59 mg/kg
Lysin 1.03%
Threonin 0.85%
Methionin 0.42%
Convertible energy horse 7.2 MJ/kg
Praecaecal digestible crude protein 80.3 g/kg


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