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supplementary feed for horses and dogs made of milk thistle 

* contains high content of silymarin
* to support liver and digestion
* to promote healthy skin and shiny coat
* to make shedding easier
* for effective protection of the body cells against free radicals and oxidative stress

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A complementary feed for horses and dogs made from milk thistle or cold-pressed milk thistle seeds. 

Maridil UNIVERSAL is a single food with a particularly high content of silymarin, intended to protect liver cells, stimulate liver recovery and activate normal function.

Maridil Universal is distinguished by its high silymarin content and good acceptance.
You can use it several times a year, especially in case of liver and metabolic problems, but also during the grazing or the changing of the coat.


  • supports liver function and recovery
  • protects liver cells against mycotoxins
  • supports the liver during and after medication or worming
  • protects against free radicals and oxidative stress
  • supports healthy digestion
  • promotes healthy, beautiful skin and a shiny coat
  • supports healthy hoof growth
  • contains no preservatives or additives
  • tastes delicious, can be fed alone (horses) or mixed with wet food (dogs)
  • a gluten-free complementary feed with a high proportion of liver supporting silymarin
  • particularly suitable for (recreational and western) horses during the shedding season
  • no doping

Feeding guidelines

* Horses: 8–15 g per 100 kg body weight and day, use for 4–7 weeks
* Dogs and other vertebrates: 0.5–1 g per kg body weight and day, use for 3–4 weeks


cold pressed milk thistle


Crude fiber 30.7%
Crude protein 20.7%
Crude fat 8.5%
Sodium 60 mg / kg
Silymarin complex> 25,000 mg / kg



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